Introduction to Fluture — A Functional Alternative to Promises

Aldwin Vlasblom
1 min readApr 7, 2020


In this piece we’ll be going over how to use Futures, assuming the why has been covered sufficiently by Broken Promises.

We’ll be going over Fluture’s five major concepts:

  1. Functional Programming: How functional programming patterns determine the Fluture API.
  2. Future Instances: What a Future instance represents, and the ways to create one.
  3. Future Consumption: What consumption of a Future is, and when and how we apply it.
  4. Future Transformation: What we can do with a Future before we’ve consumed it, and why that’s important.
  5. Branching and Error Handling: Introduction to Fluture’s “rejection branch”, and how it differs from rejected Promises.

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